Company Information

    Welcome to Rambutan. In Rambutan we believe in the best of both worlds: the world of quality and the world of lively and bold colors. With us you won’t need to compromise just on one of those worlds, because out products combine the best of both worlds.

    Out collection contains bamboo fiber socks and additionally the men’s collection includes cotton socks. The bamboo fabric is super soft and pampering, every day, in our socks, you will feel the difference, also even after washing them they hold their shape and softness. Our cotton socks don’t fall short from the bamboo socks and provide softness and quality alongside of high durability and an arrange of colors.

    You can choose from everyday colors calm and solid, alongside of colorful, deep and rich colors in different patterns, that appeal to all – from child to adult.

    Our Materials


    The bamboo has high cultural significant in the eastern Asian cultures and has been in use for thousands of years there, whether in traditional medicine or even its strong canes being used it construction.

    The fabric that’s been produced from the bamboo is extremely soft and nice to the touch. The socks in our collection are woven in a machine but the close of the seam is done by hand with a super soft bamboo thread, meaning the seam won’t be felt with the high softness of the fabric are ideal for sensitive and gentle feet.

    The combination of the soft and pampering fabric with the luxurious color collection will make your feet feel pampered every day.


    The earliest evidence of cotton usage is from thousands of years ago, and it’s no surprise – the cotton’s natural fibers are strong and yet flexible, allowing the fabric to have high durability. Even further, the fact that cotton is a natural fiber makes it a breathable fabric while it being soft and nice to the fell.

    Our men’s collection includes cotton socks, that on one hand have high durability and on the other are still pampering and soft for your feet. And the good news is that our cotton socks also include a variety of colors and patterns to fit for every event.