Terms & Conditions

1. Rambutan’s site (hereinafter: “The Site”) is a site that runs a virtual store for an online clientele. The owner of the site is Rambutan, who also manages the sales on said site (hereinafter: “Rambutan”).

2. Activity on the site is all activity that involves the purchase of products offered on the site.

3. Anyone who performs an action on site is declaring that he is aware of the sites terms and conditions and the rules of engagement on it and accepts them, and he/on his behalf won’t have a claim against the site owners and or/and its operators or/and to the ones on the behalf of, accept claims that are related to breach of obligation by the site owner’s and/or its operators, according to the sites terms and agreements.

4. Purchasing on the site is allowed to any costumer who is 18 years old or above, who holds a valid credit card or a valid PayPal account. The purchase process requires a registration to the site and to provide full and accurate information, that include: name, address, phone number and a valid email address. 

5. Providing personal information on the order form is done according to the willingness of the client and by his consent. Filling the form indicates his acceptance. 

6. The purpose of filling the personal information form is in order to allow Rambutan to deliver the products to the client and to confirm the client’s willingness to making an order. As well, the client’s credit card information is required for the completion of the transaction. 

7. Rambutan takes every measure it has at its disposal in order to protect the client’s information and data. The site is secured on a high level and protected from malicious hacking or accidental with the usage of advanced technology, such as SSL. 

8. Rambutan won’t, in any case, transfer personal data or email address to any third party without a clear consent from the client, in a written letter and in advance, accept from transfer of data from the credit card company in order to complete the transaction and to the postal service for the deliverance of the order. Does not apply to cases in which there is a legal certification to the requester. 

9. Rambutan will offer for purchase on the site products in models, types and quantities as it sees fit, by its choice and sole discretion. 

10. Rambutan holds the exclusive right to add and/or remove items that are listed for purchase and also to determine the amount of items which are listed for purchase, the method of purchase and the listing’s price. 

11. All the products that are listed on the site are original, new, in their original packaging and intact – unless it is stated otherwise prominently and explicitly on the items title or in the item’s description.  

12. Rambutan holds itself the right, by its choice and sole discretion, to not provide a certain item, in the case the product went out of stock. In that case, the client will be notified by Rambutan of cancellation of the order, or alternatively, will offer a replacement item. 

13. Rambutan is doing its best in order to provide the clients on the site all the information needed in order to make a decision to purchase an item. The information listed on the site includes the item’s photo, item’s manufacturer, model, technical information and sizes. That said, the photos are only used for illustration, and do not obligate Rambutan. 

14. In any case that there is a difference between the items description and the items photo (example: the color of the product), the written description is the applicable one. 

15. The products listed on the site and their pricing is valid to available inventory only.

16. Rambutan holds the right to change the products and their prices at any time and without early notice.

17. The item price on the site does not include shipping. 

18. In any case of discrepancies between the price and/or the price of an items as it’s listed on the site, and its price and/or description, as it’s written in Rambutan’s records, the price will be determined by Rambutan’s records. In that case the client will be entitled to receive a full refund for the listed item, after a written request for the cancellation of the transaction before the item was received, or if they’ll notify Rambutan of the order cancellation within 14 days from the delivery date, at its latest.

19. The prices on the site include VAT, unless stated otherwise on the sale page.

20. In the transaction process on the site the executer of the order must register to the site and fill an order form, with all the required information. Filling the required information is a term for the approval of the transaction on site, however it is not required by law.

21. You can subscribe to our mailing list and receive messages about special sales or site updates. At any time, you can also cancel this subscription. Joining or cancelling can be done at any given time by email or regular mail.

22. Actions on site and transaction data, including the customer’s data will be processed via standard secure coded protocol (SSL) to the company’s data processing computer. 

23. The client choices the product (recommended to view the information on the item’s page before purchase) and makes a purchase according to the site’s instructions. 

24. The transaction will be complete only after Rambutan will receive approval from the credit card company for the charge.

25. In any case of a dispute between the type and amount of the items ordered, the determining factor will be the information recorded in Rambutan’s data. 

26. Rambutan will charge the client via the provided credit card, with the price listed on the site and the shipping rate that’s detailed on the order page. The grand total of the order will appear on the order form.

27. The delivery date provided on the sale page is counted in working days from the day that the transaction has received approval by the credit card company of the acquirer. Rambutan is doing its best to advance the delivery date and/or to accommodate it to the acquirer needs, under the postal service and the shipping companies’ policies.

28. The postal service policy (or any other body through which the delivery will be carried out) will apply to any order that has been done on site, and will apply to any costumer.

29. Supply times for the products/services as listed on the sale page include only working days (Sunday to Thursday, does not include Fridays and Saturdays, holiday eve and holidays).

30. In the case of an address change by the client, and according to the request approval by Rambutan, the work days will be counted from the approval date.

31. Rambutan won’t be accountable to any delay in delivery that’s not in its control, in case of a delay of the delivery the client will be eligible to cancel their order and receive a full refund.

32. The order will be delivered to the client’s home and/or to the closest postal branch or to any place that will be coordinated with the client, under and according to the delivery policy of the postal service or the shipping company that delivers on Rambutans’ behalf.

33. For clarification, in the case that the shipping company won’t be able to deliver the order to the client’s house and/or to the local postal branch for any reason, including the location of the client’s house and/or the shipping company policy, the client will be entitled to collect the order from any agent that’s holds the order, no late than 10 days from Rambutan’s notification by mail from Rambutan to the client. 

34. The shipping fee include standard shipping; it includes the delivery of the order to the client’s house or to their local postal branch.

35. If a client is interested to cancel the order before it was shipped out to them, can do it by sending a cancellation email to Rambutan or by using the “contact us” form on the site, without extra charge.

36. In any case that a client wishes to cancel their order after the order has been shipped out to them, can do it by sending a mail or using the “contact us” form on site, up to 14 days from the date the order was delivered on. In that case, and after conforming it with Rambutan’s client service and getting an approval, the client may return the order by himself or on his expense to Rambutan’s offices.

37. A condition to the approval of the return is keeping the packaging intact. If the order has been opened the cancellation of the order won’t be approved.

38. The client must inspect the product immediately with its arrival. In any case where the client received a damaged product or when the specification of the product is different from the ones on the site, the client in entitled to cancel the transaction within 14 days from the receiving date, by sending a cancellation email via the “contact us” form with a specification of the cancellation.

39. In any case in which because of factors that are beyond Rambutan’s control, Rambutan won’t be able to correctly run the site, provide the products or to stand by its other commitments, Rambutan will be entitled to cancel communication to its client, all or some. For example: computer errors, communication system failures, sabotage or a security incident. 

40. In case that factors and/or events beyond the control of the site owners’ and/or the site’s operators will delay or prevent the sale of the products, from any model, partially or fully, and in any way, and/or the supply of the items listed on the site on the dated that were agreed upon, and/or there will be damage to the computer systems and/or any other communication from in order to complete the transaction, by all its forms, and/or by terror attacks or any uncontrollable force that will prevent and/or damage the transaction process in any form. Or the supply of products to purchase if/and case the tax rates will change and/or levies that apply to the items between the publication date of the product to its purchase date and between the delivery estimated date, according to the purchase policy, Rambutan will be entitled to cancel the communication with the client, all or some and/or to stop the site’s activity.

41. In any case that there is an error with the item’s description in its price, the payment conditions, the item’s photo or any informative material, or in the summery proposal, Rambutan will be entitled to cancel that specific purchase and the suggests sum will be returned.

42. Available to the customers on the site and those who order on it a customer service. The customer service handles and helps in cases of usage of the site, enquiries, questions, delivery and complaints. Addressing customer service will be done via email or the “contact us” form on the site.

43. Rambutan holds the right to change the terms and condition form and any rules of engagement from time to time, only the regulation on this form will require the users on the site.